When Particpants Supply The Pieces (Effective Presentations)

motivation for changeWe have been asked, many times, how best to present information and “material” to clients in a way that enhances motivation for change – or – at the very least – isn’t a complete “turn-off”! Paul has facilitated workshops and information sessions for well over 5000 people and has a wealth of knowledge and skill related to how to make client presentationsuseful, productive, creative, fun, and impactful. His presentations are consistently rated as “excellent” by participants all across Canada, and he often presents to rave reviews at conferences and other large gatherings. The success of Paul’s teaching is due, in large part, to the fact that people WANT to take his courses. They look forward to them – for reasons that need not be a secret! This custom designed, agency-tailored workshop is designed to allow participants to understand and practice:

1. how to “build” a presentation or a sequence of related presentations

2. how to present with an emphasis on engendering the spirit and principles of Motivational Interviewing “habits” as they apply to making effective presentations

3. how to assess and enhance readiness, willingness and ability-to-learn in clients who will be attending information presentations

4. how to address diverse groups whose membership contains people in varius stages of change and readiness

4. how to measure outcomes related to group presentations

5. how and when to add “snap, crackle and pop” to presentations (and when to hold back)

Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and to have some fun practicing a mini-presentation that you design right in the workshop. Pick Paul’s brain – and benefit from his 25 years of experience in making information provision challenging, effective, and a whole lot of fun!

Paul Burke, MA, RSW,