Up One Notch (Level II)

In order to help new MI’ers to “take it up a notch”, we offer two additional “levels” of MI training to follow our “Foundations in Motivational Interviewing” workshop. In this second level of MI training, we “go a little deeper” into the technical skills that are required for the competent practice of MI. With extensive emphasis on participant practice sessions and instructor demonstrations, this second of our workshop series will help you to develop a more strategic practice with your Motivational Interviewing skills.



In this Level II workshop we:

1) Review core concepts and skills from the Level I workshop

2) Provide numerous participatory exercises which serve to strengthen the strategic use of reflections for a variety of purposes, including:

a) Engaging with enhanced efficiency and depth
b) Helping clients hear their change talk powerfully
c) Evoking change talk
d) Developing a focus for the conversation

3) Assist participants to develop enhanced capacity to:

a) Recognize change talk when it emerges in subtle ways (“when change talk whispers”)
b) Evoke change talk using all OARS skills, once a change target has been identified
c) Respond to Change Talk in ways that move a client conversation toward commitment for change



4) Provide practice opportunity to identify “Motivation Bombs” that can derail an MI interview – despite our good intentions when trying to persuade someone to “buy in” to our own point of view! We examine both “MI Adherent” and “Non-Adherent” helper practices, for the purpose of achieving greater practice integrity with the relational and technical skills required by MI competency assessment


This workshop is an ideal “next step” for anyone who has completed an introductory level workshop and who is ready to become more intentional, strategic, and purposeful in their MI work with clients. The emphasis in this installment is on applied practice. (We do not re-teach core concepts that are the basis of Level I training – so it is very important that core concepts of Level I training is relatively “fresh” in your memory before you dig n to the exercises in Level II). The workshop is fun and 3 days goes by very, very fast! You’ll leave feeling much more capable of “guiding” in an MI conversation than is normally the case after Level I training. Give us a call any time if you’d like to discuss workshop content or to help us assess your readiness to participate in this, our “second step” toward the competent practice of MI.