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Word from Paul Burke

Welcome! This e-forum is a place for you to participate in discussions concerning “all things M.I.” with other learners who have taken MI training with us. Here, you can:
post questions about MI or about learning MI
reply to questions, comments, and “MI stories” of others
provide stories of successes you have had in practicing MI
discuss approaches to learning MI being practiced by you or your agency
offer suggestions to others on how to adapt MI for your work context
• Etc.

We have only a few “rules” and guidelines, the basics of which are:
Do not identify clients in any way if discussing applied practice of MI
Do not use profanity of any kind. Keep it clean.
Be respectful of the points of view and opinions of others
Do not promote or advertise any service or product in the Forum
Do not include your telephone number or contact information in any posting

Feel free to also participate in our live chat room and in our Webinars when they are available. Notices will be e-mailed to notify you of schedules for these “live” sessions.

STEP 1: Go To The Forum Page

Enter the password provided to you at the M.I. Course workshop. This will take you to the Forum page for viewing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve forgotten the password provided at the MI workshop, please click here.

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STEP 2: Register to Participate

Click ‘Register’ on the Forum page to join in our discussions (we require the personal information for site security).

WARNING: Posting of inappropriate content on this site will result in your account being permanently deleted. Use of profanity, identification of another person(s), commercial content or advertising of any kind, or provision of e-mail or telephone information is considered inappropriate use. Registration on this site indicates acceptance of these inappropriate use guidelines.