A “Baker’s Dozen” of Promises That We Always Keep!


When we take on a project for your agency, we promise:

  1. To offer all training participants a 1 year subscription to our e-mail “MI TIP of the Week” in support of continued learning after the workshop
  2. To provide a written contract that clearly outlines our mutual agreements and obligations prior to, during, and after the completion of our planned event
  3. To provide, in writing, all of the details of our “money back guarantee” that covers agency satisfaction with our training
  4. To ensure that your agency pays nothing whatsoever to us for any costs outlined in the project contract if you activate our “money back guarantee” process
  5. To outline all of our available training dates so that you can choose a “best-fit” for your operational needs
  6. To offer you training sessions that will commence on any day of the week you choose, including on weekends and evenings at your request
  7. To assign highly qualified trainers to your project who have extensive training and experience both with the practice of MI and with training others in the approach
  8. To caution you if we feel that the project design that you propose will not yield the results you require. We will not take on any project that we feel will end up being a waste of your time, your money, or the human resources of your agency. We will outline realistic outcome expectations for the project and not promise more that we can deliver
  9. That the trainer(s) we use for your project are members of the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and that no trainer will be assigned to your project until they have been certified by Paul Burke as competent to facilitate the program you require
  10. To give you the option of choosing between our all-inclusive “flat rate fee” and our “instructional fee plus expenses” (invoiced to you at actual cost)
  11. To connect you with one or more project supervisors from other agencies who have contracted our services so that you can ask whatever questions you may have about the nature and quality of our previous work
  12. To deliver high quality MI training services based on the most current information and research available in the field, using recognized and tested adult-education practices and recommended best practices for MI training. We will adjust and fine-tune the training plan if needed, in real time, based on twice daily check-ins with participants.
  13. To conduct one or more needs assessment interviews with your agency representative or project supervisor so that we can customize your training event for maximum relevance to your work environment



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