Supervision of New MI Learners

Supervision of New MI Learners Teach a learner how to fish and you help them become proficient. But help them to become a fish – to think like a fish, to swim like a fish, and to understand what it is like to BE a fish – and they move from proficiency to competency! Mentoring and peer coaching in the process of learning MI helps learners swim in a whole different league than those who have only been “trained?

Our curriculum design and instructional development team specializes in designing learning systems for organizations that want to maintain and continually improve their practice of Motivational Interviewing. The result is a self-sustaining program of learning and performance coaching facilitated by your own people.

This 2-day course helps supervisors to ensure the “vision” component of supervision stays true to the goals, mandate, and focus of your organization – while supporting a work team that produces high-quality and measurable results.

  • The “vision” issue in super-vision.
  • The role of Supervisor as “Coach”, and “Mentor”
  • The difference between “Mentor” and “Tor-Mentor”!
  • The Supervisor as Evaluator
  • The process of Leadership in counselling supervision
  • Four principle types of supervision in addictions work
  • Managing and accurately measuring work performance,
  • Documentation issues/requirements in supervision
  • Issues when staff move from “peer” (or colleague) to “the boss”
  • Matching supervisory style to employee strengths and styles (Situational Supervision)
  • Ensuring a match between Policy and Procedure and Supervisory Intervention
  • Arranging supervision for the Supervisor
  • Ethical Issues in Supervision and Coaching

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