MI Aerobics (Advance Your Practice - Level III)


This advanced skills training helps stretch every MI muscle in your repertoire!

This 21-hour Level III workshop leaves those with a previous background in this approach feeling like they have stretched every M.I. muscle in their repertoire! We begin with a brief overview of the spirit and intent of Motivational Interviewing, and a review of the concepts of “stages of change” and how MI works with change as a “process” and not as an “event”. Then, a menu of options is provided from which participants can choose up to 8 “workout sessions” (approximately 1 hour each) to enhance various interviewing competencies.

Workshop Includes:

Practice sessions (in pairs or triads) with supervision and feedback for advanced skill in

      • Strategic design and use of complex reflections
      • Becoming more time-efficient with engaging work
      • Skills that soften sustain talk
      • Composing affirmations to spotlight change talk
      • Self-regulation strategies to prevent helper persuasion behaviour and the “righting reflex
      • Evocation skills to cultivate change talk


      • Methods for deepening partnership
      • Review and skills analysis of video-taped MI interviews
      • “Fish bowl” demonstrations by the instructor
      • “Prescribed” mistake-making sessions
      • Preparation for real-life applications when you get yourself into a “trap”
      • Case conferences of actual client scenarios where counsellors or clients feel “stuck” (confidentiality guidelines provided prior to course)

There’s lots of room for fun, experimentation, and wild mistake-making in this jam-packed three days! MI Aerobics is a safe place to learn why counselling is called a “practice” and not a “perfect”!


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