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#1834 Mary Teaches MI

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The fact is people don’t learn MI at workshops. They get started there.

To develop competency in MI work requires (1) learning a variety of core concepts and thinking about how they relate to the work you do with your clients, (2) post-workshop practice opportunities, and (3) objective feedback on the practice. We know that keeping your brain engaged with the concepts that are introduced in workshop training is essential. The question becomes “How do I keep my “head in the game” after I get back to work so that I don’t forget everything covered in the workshop? Finding ways to continue the learning is a challenge for folks who have limited time and limited budgets. The Paul Burke Training Group provides a variety of solutions for individuals and agencies who are serious about supporting competency development. One solution that we provide at no cost to workshop participants is a free subscription to our weekly “MI T.I.P.” circular (T.I.P. = “Thoughts in Improved Practice”). Sample copies of some of our back-issues are available by clicking TIP titles shown here in the right side column. All of our workshop participants can sign up to subscribe to our T.I.P.s circular. It arrives in their e-mail inbox 40 times each year. Our “MI T.I.P. of the Week” usually contains 2-3 pages of useful reminders, practice suggestions, and learning tips related to concepts and skills that our introduced in our workshops. Many of our subscribers print each issue and store them in hard-copy binders to facilitate ease-of-access for future reference. Others store them in electronic files, by topic, and review various topics from time to time, when working on the specific MI skills that we recommend for follow-up to each of our workshops.

Workshop experiences are a great way to get started with developing skill in the work of Motivational Interviewing. The difference between those who become competent in the practice and those who only learn “about” MI concepts is that those who keep on with the learning when the workshop ends do much, much better!