(Self-Assessment of MI Skills Using MITI 3.1)

Ideas on motivational interviewingSometimes, when workshop participants return to their workplaces after a training session, they wonder “is what I am now doing really MI? Some ask themselves “how would I know if I was doing “real MI” as opposed to just good reflective listening, or sound basic counselling practice?” More importantly, those who want to obtain real competency in the MI approach will ask themselves “What behaviors do I need to “tweak” in order to get better outcomes with my clients? How can I develop more fidelity with the standards for competent use of MI?”

paul Burke - motivational interviewingWe all know that nobody can’t learn to modify their behavior, including counselling behavior, without good quality, accurate feedback. Still. sometimes obtaining that kind of feedback can be a little intimidating, if not downright scarey! The question becomes how to obtain feedback which is devoid of judgement, evaluation, and criticism, in a way that will inform better adherence to MI skill – and that will allow for some fun in the process.

In this 3-day workshop, you will learn how to use a standardized “coding” instrument (the MITI 3.1 Coding Template) to assess the degree of match between what you are doing when you are “doing MI” – and what “real MI” invloves. There is plenty of opportunity for fun ways of finding traps, pitfalls, and quirky habits that get in the way of better MI practice. At the conclusion of the 3-days, you will also have a practical, individualized self-directed learning plan in your hands for how you could optimize your MI performance.

Participants in this workshop often rate it as the most valuable one in our entire series, in terms of “learning how to learn MI”. We agree. By the time you finish these 3 days, not only will you know the answer to “How MI am I?” – but you will also know exactly how to be “more MI” so as to practice with both confidence and competence!

Please call us anytime to discuss the brief pre-reading assignment used in this workshop.