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Paul Burke, (MINT) B.Ed., MA, RSW
Team Leader with the Paul Burke Training & Consulting Group.

Paul is a Registered Social Worker and member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). He is a veteran in the field of health behaviour change. For more than twenty years he worked with AADAC (the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission) and is well known in the field for his broad experience base as: Addictions Counsellor, Training Coordinator, Prevention Consultant, Team Leader, Clinical Supervisor, and Clinical Director. Since 1993, when Paul completed his initial workshop training in MI (Trainer: Dr. Stephen Rollnick, co-author, along with Dr. W.R. Miller, of the primary MI text). Paul has extensive advance-level training in MI practice and in teaching MI with key people in the field of MI practice and research.

Paul has received instruction under Jeff Allison (Consultancy in Edinburgh,UK) in a “train-the-trainer” intensive. He completed his first MI Training for Trainers workshop in Crete, Greece, in 2003 (Instructors: Dr. Rollnick and Dr. T. Moyers ). He completed additional training for MI trainers in Miami, Florida, in 2006 (Instructors: Dr. D. Ernst and Dr. R. Demmel). Paul was selected three times by the International MINT organization to facilitate it’s annual international Training-for-New-Trainers (in Canada, England, and USA).

Paul also has training and experience in the use of the MITI 4.2 coding system and in MI Supervision. The Paul Burke Training Group has developed customized MI (uptake) systems for several organizations in Canada in the field of Healthcare, Justice/Corrections, Mental Health Services, Homelessness Agencies, Addictions, and Chronic Health Conditions.

Literally, Paul can say that he has trained “coast-to-coast-to-coast” in Canada! He has provided workshops as far north as Inuvik and Whitehorse; as far west as Vancouver and Victoria and east all the way to Halifax, St. John’s, and P.E.I – (and, of course, to dozens of towns and cities in between). In addition to speaking engagements at conferences, Paul’s group currently conducts more than 40 M.I.workshops per year. Since 1996 he has facilitated more than 300 workshops at both the introductory and advanced levels. He is also often a lead consultant to organizations that want to develop in-house learning systems for advancing the practice of M.I. Paul is noted for excellence as an instructor and conference presenter and for his entertaining, humorous and creative approaches to facilitating learning. Always with outstanding reviews and feedback, he has presented across Canada to counsellors, social workers, teachers, health educators, nurses, physicians, clergy, psychologists, police officers, military personnel and corrections workers. Paul invites you to drop him an e-mail or to call anytime – if you’d like to “chat MI”. The Paul Burke Group are the only Motivational Interviewing Trainers in Canada to offer a 100% guarantee on all their workshops.


A Custom-Fit Training Approach

Over the years, we’ve designed a comprehensive and cost-effective “menu of options” in the form of 10 MI training workshops – all of which are unique in Canada. They have been well tested, and “proven” at the agency level to facilitate the uptake of MI skills for staff who work in a wide variety of client-service agencies. Over the past 12 years, we’ve fine-tuned a training approach and learning process for hundreds of agencies, Canada-wide. Our training model is unique to us and we can connect you with any number of references from people who have experienced our training approach and have rated our programs, and their satisfaction with our services, at the level of “excellent” in virtually every project we’ve taken on since we formed as a company 12 years ago.

As Motivational Interviewing Trainers we…

  • are a small group of highly experienced Motivational Interviewing practitioners and trainers (all members of the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers – MINT).
  • work from a specially designed training model that’s evolved over the past 12 years. We tweak it a little from time to time in response to changes in research and knowledge about the MI method. We keep our approach in-line with both the “state of the art” and “state of the science”.
  • earn extremely positive feedback from the folks who attend our programs, including from more than 7000 professional and lay helpers all across Canada since we formed our company in 2003.
  • specialize in workforce development training and consulting projects that promote the competent practice of Motivational Interviewing (MI) in a wide variety of helping services.
  • provide mentorship to each other and to some of the folks we train, under the team leadership of Paul Burke. Paul is a well-known and highly respected in Canada for his ability to earn “excellent” ratings in virtually every workshop he has designed.
  • provide workshops and other training/consulting services all across Canada (literally from “coast-to-coast-coast!). We’ve been as far north as Whitehorse and Inuvik, as far west as Victoria, and Port Alberni and as far east as Charlottetown and Saint John’s – and to at least fifty cities and towns in between. (Yes, we travel a lot in our work!)
  • pride ourselves in the number of client agencies that return to us again and again for help with their MI training needs. We’ll do a single workshop for your group, and we’ve also contracted for as many as 15 workshops for some of our bigger client agencies.

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What People Are Saying

"Paul Burke is an amazing trainer. He really knows his stuff and I know is a great therapist. Paul made this training for me. The trainer is crucial and the course could be a lot less interesting and inspiring with a less interested and inspiring instructor. Thanks Paul for being so respectful and so enthusiastic in helping us learn.”
- CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. , John M. (Mental Health Trainer)

We have considerable experience in motivational interviewing training and skills coaching with …

We Provide Training and Coaching to:

  • addictions and mental health counsellors,
  • psychologists,
  • social workers,
  • occupational therapists,

  • physicians,
  • nurses,
  • school personnel,
  • youth workers,
  • parole and probation officers,
  • nutritionists,

  • health educators,
  • dental hygienists,
  • dieticians,
  • audiologists,
  • wellness coaches,
  • clergy, and others.