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Paul Burke Training and Consulting ServicesSimple as black and white – we want to be the “missing piece ” in service to your consulting and special project needs. We’ll help you get you special project done cost effectively, with extreme emphasis on quality and always ahead of your deadlines. Guaranteed. Period. Sometimes you need help from someone, or from a team, and you just don’t have the in-house resources to supply what you need – in the moment. You need help quickly, inexpensively, and your project requires extreme focus, respect for deadlines and attention to detail. You need someone with experience. Your project may require an hour, or a week, or even six months or more. You want to be able to bring in someone with excellent references and with an excellent reputation in the field. You want someone you can trust to work independently, with minimal supervision, and with a track record for results

 Many of our consulting clients are return customers, and there is a reason for the loyalty that we enjoy with our clients.

We’ve developed a reputation for excellent service, solid value, and substantive quality, because we`ve done our homework and we continue to do it on every new project we take on. consulting2r

  • We’ve developed and facilitated focus groups for organizations that needed input from front-line staff quickly, accurately, and efficiently.
  • We developed a 14-day residential addictions treatment program, from the “ground-up”, including the development of staff recruitment and training plans.
  • In a comprehensive, three-year project funded by Health Canada, we researched and developed a best practices treatment manual for a government funded counselling agency and provided staff training on the standards and procedures manual that evolved from that project.
  • We’ve provided management coaching on approaches to establishing organizational readiness for change.
  • We have written trainer manuals and we wrote and co-produced an 18-hour interactive self-directed learning DVD on Motivational Interviewing.
  • We’ve written curriculum materials for organizations on a variety of topics and trained internal trainers to use those materials.
  • We’ve developed instructional designs for MI learning programs.
  • We’ve provided input on the effective design of competency-based staff learning and training plans.
  • We’ve chaired meetings, developed and hosted staff development retreats, and assisted with conference planning and preparation.

We provide a wide range of project management, consulting, research and writing services – up to and including the provision of partridges in pear trees! (well maybe not quite … but you get the point!)

Paul Burke Consulting Group What makes Paul Burke Consulting Group stand out from the crowd?


We are passionate about what we do, and we are passionate about how we do it.

It shows in all aspects of our work. We do this work because we believe in it.Those who have used our services will tell you that if the consultants at Paul Burke Training & Consulting Group are about anything – they are all about PASSION.

In addition to his clinical and training experience, Paul has a Master`s degree in Organizational Leadership. He knows what matters to organizations and he knows how to deliver service that engenders trust and keeps clients coming back when they want good help at great rates. He oversees all consulting projects at PBTG and provides support to ensure that the core values that drive our work show up in everything we do.

A first great idea can be to simply give us a call!

Ideas on motivational interviewing We are great “idea people”. Maybe we can help you come up with the right idea – and then you can just “run with it from there”, as the saying goes! Paul is noted for his ability to generate creative ideas and innovative approaches to constructing solutions. He is passionate about transforming problems into challenges – and then in to “solutions”. So – if your consulting requirements include the need for a great idea – feel free to give us a call!

Contact us anytime to discuss how we can help with your MI learning-support solution.

There is never any charge for an initial phone consultation, and if we can`t provide the services that you need, there’s a good chance we can refer you to someone who can!

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