Coding MI Interviews

Practicing Motivational InterviewingMost all new learners coming out of MI workshops are energized in the awareness that despite the fact that it is an effective intervention with many client groups, it is also very easy to understand! We all know, however, that “understanding” MI and “practicing” MI are two different things! Clearly, if the goal is to enhance practice, it is not enough just to “learn about” this approach. That’s where the “Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Coding System” (MITI 3.1) comes in.

The MITI 3.1 is an easy to use standardized assessment instrument that can be enormously helpful in facilitating applied skill in MI. In this 3-day workshop, participants will learn how to “code” for the degree of fidelity that MI interview samples have with the required practice thresholds for MI “proficiency” and “competency”. After a solid degree of comfort is achieved in using the tool itself, we then help particiants examine how to use feedback from the MITI 3.1 for skill enhancement, coaching peers, clinical supervision, and for achieved advanced-level skill in the MI approach.

MI skillsFeedback and self-reflection on feedback are two of the key ingredients of learning. Based on feedback, learners can adjust and fine-tune their practice. Such “tweaking” of MI skills is what differentiates those who “know MI” from those who can “do” MI. Many learners have called this highly experiential workshop “a real eye-opener” for me. Others have said “this course gave me my “light-bulb moment” in learning to learn how to learn MI! (That’s a lot of “learn” all in one sentence and it’s also a lot of “learn” all in one workshop. Join us for am intense, engaging and exciting three days of looking at MI under the microscope!