“This course is very interesting and intriguing. It makes me think of things in my “toolbox”. I can’t wait to practice.”
Julia S, Clinical Consultant (Hemophilia)
St. John’s, Newfoundland
“Paul, your presentation style is dynamic and “inviting”. I truly felt it was 3 days of conversation with you. Thank you for all that you taught and for your amazing energy.”
Erin G, Mental Health & Addictions Practitioner,
Hay River, NWT
“The thing I like best was Paul’s passion re: the topic (Peer Coaching for MI Competency) and his fantastic mix of experiential, didactic and group learning exposure.”
Grant H
Kelowna, BC
“Paul has an amazing presentation style that engages his “clients” to listen, think, and reflect on their own practice which allows practitioners to change.”
Christine P., Manager, Middlesex London Health Unit,
London, Ontario
“Paul had me engaged and wanting to participate throughout the 3 days. He is passionate about MI and it shows through his approach to teaching.”
Dr. Suraiya N, M.D.,
Yellowknife, NT
“Even though I have been exposed quite a bit to MI through my work in Corrections, I learned so, so much and am looking forward to attending more courses on MI. Paul, your knowledge of, and passion for this approach taught me so much. Thank you.”
Tracy H, (Parole/Program Officer)
St. John’s, Newfoundland
“Paul was a fabulous and fun teacher! He is very knowledgeable and exudes the M.I. spirit. I loved it!”
Chelsea C., Nurse Practitioner: Health Promotion,
Kamloops, B.C.
“Fantastic instruction. Very engaging. I will listen and reflect in a new way. I am excited to be a Social Worker again!”
Michelle C., Social Worker,
London, Ontario
“The thing I liked most about this course [Foundations in MI] was the role playing that Paul did and how he coached us and congratulated us when doing it!”
Lisa L., Manager,Kermode Friendship Society
Terrace, BC
“The energy with which the subject was delivered as well as the metaphors, etc., engaged me. I have learned a lot about myself as a clinician and identified several areas of improvement/enhancement for my current practice. Excellent!”
Cynthia R., R.N., Psychogeriatrics,
Terrace, BC
“I appreciate how quickly a skilled interviewer can elicit change in a client using MI. I also like how MI forces the interviewer to make a shift in his/her paradigm + consistently attend to where the client is. It simplifies the process and makes it easier not to get mired down.”
Liz C (Coordinator, Victims Services),
Whitehorse, Yukon
“Thank you so much – you are an excellent instructor and I have been inspired to take my M.I. use to the next level”
Ann Malach (Mental Health/Addictions Counsellor)
Victoria, BC
“Very, very positive learning experience. [Kevin Fisher] spoke with knowledge and understanding of the participant’s needs.Three days is a lot of info covered but went by very quickly. One of the best courses/seminars I have taken – and I have taken a lot!!”
Charlene , R.N, Psychiatry
Ponoka, Alberta
“Thank you, Paul. I love your positive remarks (“Gorgeous”, “Beautiful”, “Amazing”, etc.)! I personally feel more positive about my own MI skills. You are an excellent teacher … such a character, so funny, and real!!!”
T.T, Early Psychosis Intervention Team,
Whitehorse, YK
“I learned so much from this. I love to challenge myself and having Paul as an instructor was awesome. He was great and very knowledgeable”
Erica C. (Advocacy Coordinator),
Winnipeg, MB
“Paul Burke is an amazing trainer. He really knows his stuff and I know is a great therapist. Paul made this training for me. The trainer is crucial and the course could be a lot less interesting and inspiring with a less interested and inspiring instructor. Thanks Paul for being so respectful and so enthusiastic in helping us learn.”
John M,Mental Health Therapist,
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
“Thank you so much, Paul. You are a wise Elder and very helpful. I am appreciative of your teachings. Meegwetch!”h5>
Valerie D, Clinical Supervision,
Saskatoon SK
“This was a fabulous course. I wish I could have taken it prior to working with clients. It would have saved so much time and my client’s frustrations.”
L.W.,Corrections Programs Officer,
“Corliss’ facilitation approach is very affirming to learners. I appreciated the modelling of extraordinary reflective listening and other MI skills. This acted as a re-grounding for me.”
Shirley W-H,
Whitehorse, Yukon
“Paul, you were sincere and sensitive when presenting and created a positive and non-threatening environment for the “fish bowls” (experiential role plays)
Greg C. (Youth Employment Consultant)
Red Deer, AB
“Thank you for your open, gentle, supportive style, Your knowledge and way of being with the group helped me to take risks and enhance my learning”
Faith O’Reilly (Social Worker)
Halifax, NS
“Mary Cripton is an amazing instructor. She was very clear, knowledgable, well-spoken – a joy to listen to … not a ‘know-it-all’, culturally sensitive + very respectful. Hope we get the priviledge and opportunity to have her in the community again.”
Crystal O, (Diagnostic Team Coordinator)
Elsipogtog, New Brunswick
“The thing I liked most about this course was the organic flow of the learning process”.
Katie R., Employment Counsellor,
Victoria, BC
“Love that you gauged the comfort level of participants before engaging role plays. I notice a huge difference in people’s comfort level in taking risks. This step increased our learning.”
Wendy C.
Bay Roberts, Nfld
“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Kevin [Fisher] incorporated his “stories” very well to facilitate understanding.”
Karen D.(Centennial Centre,)
Ponoka, AB
“Paul was fantastic; good use of humour; excellent examples. I learned a ton of information”
Michael A (Mental Health Clinician)
Flin Flon MB
“The thing I liked most about this course (Clinical Supervision) was: the atmosphere – Paul was laid back and funny and encouraging to all.”
Carla K.
Saskatoon, SK
“The ‘fish bowl’ role plays augment specific skills we have learned. I would like to take more courses with Paul Burke because his teaching style energizes me as a helper and helps me realize how much we can assist clients as “guides” towards change. I feel increased passion towards my job when I receive excellent training opportunities – and out clients also benefit!”
M.M. (Rehabilitation Worker)
Courtenay BC
“I love how Paul taught by incorporating our different learning styles. Paul is very open, relaxed, and able to articulate this material effectively”.
Karen B. (In-Home Family Counsellor)
Calgary, AB
“It liberated my motivation, confidence and hope in doing this very valuable work and in being this way with clients”
Joy H. (Community Mental Health Nurse)
Victoria, BC
“The instructor is well informed and passionate about this topic. He does a great job of engaging or eliciting the “intrinsic motivation” of the participant.”
Social Worker
Edmonton, AB
“I really appreciate the opportunity to participate and to understand MI. I see the enthusiasm in your job is very “catchy” and I hope I have caught your enthusiasm for the future!”
Wendy P. (Addictions Coordinator)
St. Louis, SK
“Paul incorporated the variety of institutions we represented very well! It was a great balance of theory and opportunities to practice. He is so familiar with M.I. and handles a lot of info and experiences very well. I love all the examples from Paul and the other participants. (The course was) so well organized. We had fun and we learned a lot!”
Shelagh M. (Minister)
Burnaby, BC
“Very worthwhile. I left with a feeling that I could definitely see myself applying this at work”
Lisa I. (Reg. Practical Nurse)
Winnipeg, MB
“The Course was awesome! Paul Burke managed to make it fun while educational too. Thoroughly enjoyed!! Highly recommend!! Thank you Paul, :)”
Mary Russell
Bay Roberts, Nfld
“I enjoyed Paul’s enthusiasm — he made the course interesting/entertaining while maintaining education value. I felt comfortable answering and attempting techniques. Enjoyed the group interviewing — didn’t feel pressured to answer.”
Shawna K. – Clinical Consultant [Respiratory Therapy]
Whitehorse, Yukon
“The props will be very helpful in future to help remember & prompt long after instructor is gone. The variety of activities/presentation helped me to learn. The research explanation were very helpful (in) understanding.”
Marguerite K. – Developmental Therapist
Whitehorse, Yukon
“ Really appreciated humour/demeanor & balance of theory/practice. I believe this is a game changer in many ways & wish everyone would learn this. Could we have Paul back?! Please.”
‘Anonymous’ – Instructor Yukon College
Whitehorse, Yukon
“Very well done. Really enjoyed the interaction and buy-in from all the group. Paul created the atmosphere. Thanks!”
Kevin M., Youth/Family Supervisor,
Charlottetown, PEI
“Examples were helpful for gaining perspective on the practical application of principles. Very entertaining and interesting. Excellent role plays – very realistic. 3rd day practice with “E.A.R.S.” (Recognizing change talk) helped to further understand how to tweak responses”
Carrie M,
“Instructor Mary Cripton is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and I could learn from her all day long! She is awesome!”
Kurt D, Teacher,
New Brunswick
“The thing I liked most about this course was the reflection about my style of work that the course encouraged me to think about”
Jenifer M, (Youth Advocate)
Calgary, AB
“I really enjoyed this course. You have evoked a change process in my way of working! Thanks.”
Joylaine Davis,
Calgary, AB
“A very enjoyable atmosphere to learn a very valuable tool for my practice. Great use of humor to maintain interest and flow. Great feedback to participants to enhance learning.”
Laurie B, (Registered Nurse)
Halifax, NS
“I feel significantly more confident in using MI – in my understanding of it and knowing I was / am already using it “unconsciously”. I thoroughly enjoyed the training. Thanx!!
Carol M, (Senior Social Worker)
St. Louis, SK
“Thank you, Paul, for all your positive affirmations. I feel confident and energized and look forward to practice in the months ahead. I look forward to taking the advanced training in the future.”
J.S, Youth and Family Counsellor,
“The instructor was willing to share his own learning honestly and was respectful and encouraging to all.”
Irene C, (Children’s Services)
Williams Lake, BC
“The thing I liked most about this course was your sense of humour and how highly motivated you are in what you do. You keep the flow going.”
Lorraine H, (Mental Health)
Buffalo Narrows, SK
“This course engaged and rejuvenated me. It reminded me that working with people doesn’t have to be hard.”
Carole M., (Community Mental Health Nurse,
Dawson City, Yukon
“I really appreciate how Paul integrated theoretical concepts with their application. He allowed me to see how MI principles/spirit could fit into my real life work. The thing I liked most about the course was the rich opportunity to learn and the way the spirit of inquiry was encouraged.”
Ronni A, (Manager)
Calgary, AB
“I enjoyed your enthusiasm for the course and MI. As a result, i feel more passionate or more energetic about my work. The course grounded me as a counsellor”
Raechelle C,
Victoria, BC
“Made me really think about the way I work with my clients. I need to listen more and I would like to thank Paul Burke”
Bernice F, (Group Home Counsellor)
Yorkton, SK
“The thing I liked most about this course was the “fish bowls”. I learned a lot from being on both sides (inside the fishbowl and outside the fishbowl)”
Natashia Jeanson, (Team Leader: Youth Group Home)
Calgary, AB
“Paul does an excellent job of opening our eyes to this important area … we need more of these courses – the investment will be worth the lives and careers saved.”
RCMP Officer, (Supervisor)
“These 3 days are a wonderful, inspirational event that helps me to move forward with my staff.”
Antoinette W. (Housing Coordinator)
Duncan, BC
“Fantastic! I really appreciated your presentation of the material, as it was clear, engaging, and grounded in practical experience.”
Griffin R,
Victoria, BC
“Fantastic workshop. It lived up to my expectations which were high.”
Tania S, Counsellor,
Port Alberni, BC
“I enjoyed this training and hope to see you again soon. Delivering / sharing your knowledge and skills with our First Nations people.”
Dianne M.
Saskatoon, SK
“Paul, you are a great facilitator. I appreciated your sense of humor, knowledge of MI and your wonderful warm spirit. Great work! I truly enjoyed this training. You fit the spirit of MI perfectly. Thanks”
Kim B. (Community Outreach Worker)
Halifax, NS
“This course was really beneficial in emphasizing practical ways to implement MI. I really enjoyed the skills practice with self-reflection, D.A.R.N., etc. I’m taking away a lot of “nuggets”. Great music also!”
Wendy M.
Victoria, BC
“Very productive and interesting workshop [Intro MI]. Content was very relevant to my work. The most useful workshop that I have been to. Very much appreciated!!”
Youth Addictions Counsellor,
Charlottetown, PEI
“Good material, good trainer / facilitator, good pace, good practice exercises. Great training. Thank you.”
Linda W.
Edmonton, AB
“Excellent training – I am looking forward to putting these skills into practice. Mary Cripton was a great facilitator. She’s knowledgable, enthusiastic and fun! Thank you!!”
Rehab Counsellor
Charlottetown, PEI
“The thing I liked most about the training was Paul’s expansive knowledge base which flowed seamlessly throughout the course. The enthusiasm kept everyone engaged.”
Jolene W (Case Manager: Mental Health+Addictions)
Kamloops, B.C.
“Thank you, Paul. I really appreciated your course, the way it was presented, and the impromptu “case study” of my young client. It helped a lot. I also really loved our group. Never before have I felt so safe with a group of other professionals; everyone was so warm. Thanks, Paul, for a very enjoyable training.”
Ann M,
Vancouver, BC
“I wish that I would have taken this course (Intro MI) before now. I’ve been working in a busy and complicated environment. I’ve learned from the MI program that if I focus on re-directing and driving the boat instead of paddling, maybe …”
Josee M (Justice Mental Health Clincian)
Nova Scotia
“The most valuable part of the workshop: getting to know the instructor through his honesty and self-disclosure which he integrated into the content of the course. The actual teaching of the skills was exceptionally well done. The role plays were the best I have ever seen – totally credible.”
Linda G, (Social Worker)
Edmonton, AB
“I really appreciated the work and effort the trainers put into making all aspects of the training applicable to our client base. Paul also did an amazing job of working with people at the level and knowledge they had in M.I”.
K.Kenny, Corrections Program Officer,
Red Deer, AB
“Loved the ‘fish bowl’. It made us willing to work, and think, and learn and motivated to practice these ideas”.
Laurel L., Family Counsellor,
Port Alberni, BC
“This is the best course I have ever taken. I feel that any new counsellor should take this course, as it gives the perfect starting point for working with clients. This course has re-focused me and made me remember why I went into Social Work”
Nicole H, Social Worker,
Edmonton, AB