About Paul Burke Training & Consulting Group

Paul Burke, (MINT) B.Ed., MA, RSW
Team Leader with the Paul Burke Training & Consulting Group.

Paul is a member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and is a veteran in the field of health behaviour change. For more than twenty years he worked with AADAC (the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission) and is well known in the field for his broad experience base as: Addictions Counsellor, Training Coordinator, Prevention Consultant, Team Leader, Clinical Supervisor, and Clinical Director. Since 1993, when Paul completed his initial workshop training in MI (Trainer: Dr. Stephen Rollnick, co-author, along with Dr. W.R. Miller, of the primary MI text) he has participated in more than 10 additional M.I. workshops courses with trainers such as Drs. Rollnick and Miller, and other key people in the field of MI practice and research. He received instruction under Jeff Allison (Consultancy in Edinburgh,UK) in a “train-the-trainer” intensive. Paul completed his first MI “Training for Trainers” workshop in Crete, Greece, in 2003 (Instructors: Dr. Rollnick and Dr. T. Moyers ). He completed an additional training for trainers in Miami, Florida, in 2006 (Instructors: Dr. D. Ernst and Dr. R. Demmel). He also has training and experience in the using of the MITI coding system and in MI Supervision. Paul offers a broad spectrum of education and skill development workshops and seminars related to a variety of applications of MI for organizations across Canada. Literally, Paul can say that he has trained “coast-to-coast-to-coast” in Canada! He has provided workshops as far north as Inuvik and Whitehorse; as far west as Vancouver and Victoria and east all the way to Halifax, St. John’s, and P.E.I – (and, of course, to dozens of towns and cities in between). In addition to speaking engagements at conferences, Paul currently conducts more than 40 M.I.workshops per year. Since 1996 he has facilitated more than 300 workshops at both the introductory and advanced levels. He is also lead consultant to organizations that want to develop in-house learning systems for advancing the practice of M.I. Paul is noted for excellence as an instructor and conference presenter and for his entertaining, humorous and creative approaches to facilitating learning. Always with outstanding reviews and feedback, he has presented across Canada to counsellors, social workers, teachers, health educators, nurses, physicians, clergy, psychologists, police officers, military personnel and corrections workers. Paul invites you to drop him an e-mail paul@paulburketraining.com or to call anytime – if you’d like to “chat MI”


Mary Cripton, (MINT), MSW, RSW is our Lead Trainer for the Maritime provinces.

Mary holds an MSW degree and is a member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). She has more than 18 years of experience as a therapist, clinical supervisor and manager in both out-patient and residential treatment settings. She also instructs within the school of Social Work at Dalhousie University.

Mary has solid experience in the use of Motivational Interviewing with mandated clients and also consults with organizations who are interesting in organizational capacity-building.

In addition to completing extensive MI training in both Canada and the US, Mary has conducted MI workshops with a variety of populations including First Nations social workers and counsellors, recreation therapists, adolescent group home workers, mental health, addictions and corrections workers. She now provides MI training workshops throughout the Maritime provinces. Her flexible schedule allows Mary to accommodate client needs. Mary also co-instructs some courses with Paul Burke.

Corliss Gilgan, (MINT) B.Ed. has considerable experience in applications of MI relevant to First Nations and Northern communities.

Corliss has extensive experience in the field of addictions, counsellor training, program design and organizational development. In addition, she has more than 25 years experience in executive leadership, including as a deputy minister (health & social services).

Dr. Gordon Gilgan is a specialist in adult education and instructional technique.

He has extensive experience in the creation and support for the development of “learning organizations”. His previous academic work and involvement in academic administration (including roles of President and Vice-President of two Canadian colleges) was a significant foundation in his deep belief that “learning to learn” and “life-long learning” are essential if adults are to move beyond knowledge and into true “ability”. He is our lead consultant in curriculum and instructional design and acts as our team lead for course development, instructional design, and in the development of organizational learning resources. Dr. Gilgan also assumes the lead role with some projects where strategic plan development is required in preparation for a long-term “roll-out plan” for a Learning Project.

“Marco- The MI Guy” is the newest addition to the Paul Burke training team!

He serves as our official “Professional Explainer of All Things MI”. Marco is is tickled green to be joining us after investing many years in becoming the world’s most bestest student of M.I. and a real fan of the Paul Burke Training Group. Marco has a mind of his own (he is proud that he always pulls his own strings!) – and he is one of the reasons that we have earned a reputation as a creative and outside-the-box training company. Marco helps us make learning complex ideas easier because he has a Ph.D. in the “Three F’s of Adult Learning… he always makes things FUN, FASCINATING and eFFective! For a short clip of Marco at work, simply click here to see a youtube sample of his explanation of what MI is all about: click here

Whereas Marco is our “professional explainer, we also have a “professional demonstrator” on board at the Paul Burke Training Group!

We call him “Non” and he is is pretty good at giving our learners good examples of various skills and approaches to MI conversations. He has a way of getting great discussions started! Non is also very good at helping people feel comfortable about trying out new skills for themselves in role-play situations. He’s so proud of himself when he can show off a skill – and when he does it well! To see a brief sample of Non at work in demonstrating a variety of reflective listening skills click here

Susanne Mougan

Our group’s administrative assistant, will be happy to answer your questions or refer your call to the appropriate member of our team.