OPEN PDF TO VIEW & READ: ‘Resistance Is Discordant ‘ [Paul Burke’s M.I. TIP of the Week #1825]


So, here we are. Labour Day is behind us, and the hurry-scurry of September is in full swing all around. When you’re a trainer, what that means is that a new “training year” has begun. I get two “New Years” every year. One now, as workshop season begins anew, and one in January when I celebrate with the rest of the world by making resolutions (which, sometimes, last for as much as a month!)


To start off the year, I find myself on my first flight of the 2018/19 year – to Edmonton, Alberta. As I reflect on the idea of this being a “Happy New Year”, I realize that I’m a little “resistant” to the idea that the seasons are about to change – as we slip ever closer to winter – and all that that brings! Or – perhaps this isn’t resistance at all! Maybe I am just not ready, or willing, or able to accept the inevitable. Yes – me thinks I am out of harmony with the seasons! Mother nature is getting ahead of me and we have “discord” as a result.

Yep – they’re predicting 6” of the magical white stuff for Edmonton on Wednesday or Thursday! Yay! (Not).

So – my whining and complaining about the change in temperature, the reduced hours of daylight, and the proximity of Christmas (yikes!) begins now. It is my way of letting the Universe know that she is going too fast. I’m not ready yet. I’m not resisting winter now – it’s just that I really like summer! (The attached practice T.I.P. is about the concept of “resistance” and “discord” from an MI lens.)