INTRO COVER LETTER:  Greetings MI folks – from St. Paul, Alberta!

Well, here I am on the last workshop of my northern Alberta “junket”, where I find myself in St. Paul, Alberta. What an honour to be teaching in a town that they named after me! (Well, then again, maybe not.)

It’s been a great trip. Amazing summer weather, for the most part, and beautiful scenery as I drive all these miles in this beautiful province. I am starting my trip back to Victoria tomorrow – and am looking forward to another trip through the Rockies. (Gonna stay one night in Banff, enroute, and that will be a mountain of fun! (I can hear you all groaning …)

St. Paul is home to the world’s only official U.F.O. landing pad! It has a sign that welcomes all those who visit from other planets to this lovely town and assures all space creatures that everyone here is friendly and safe!

Of course, I’m praying that no Martians will show up while I’m here! I’ve heard stories of their tendency to want to abduct earthlings and to do terrible things to their bodies … so I’ll be leaving today as soon as the workshop ends at 4pm.

Speaking of prayer … you may be interested in this little “MI Prayer” (for practitioners). It was written by Dr. Miller several years ago when he was facilitating a workshop for a group of Native North American learners in New Mexico. They asked him if he could write a prayer to start off their daily sessions. The attached (non-religious) inclusive prayer is what he came up with. I sometimes say it to myself when I’m about to work with a client where I need to press “start” on getting into MI mode. Can you see how MI shows up in his words?