OPEN PDF TO VIEW & READ: ‘The 4 Processes (Part 1) “Engaging”‘ [Paul Burke’s MI TIP #1819]

INTRO COVER LETTER:  Greetings from Barrhead, Alberta

One of the wonderful aspects of my work is the fact that I get to see so much of this country … and to experience the different “essence” that exists in different parts of this HUGE nation of ours! This week, I’m teaching a modified version of our “Foundations in MI workshop entitled “Hosting Helpful Conversations” for a group of folks who work with adults who have a variety of cognitive challenges.

I’m in Barrhead, Alberta … which is farming country … big time! When I drove in from Jasper on Tuesday, it was hot, and bone dry and a lot of wind. There was even talk of the dreaded “drought” – but despite such fear, the farmers were all out in their fields, seeding, and scrambling to get their crops in the ground now that the snow has finally gone.

Well, the Universe is a kind soul. Last night, it started to rain! (Pretty much the first significant rain this spring.) The feeling of relief and elation in the air is as palpable as the wonderful fragrance of fresh rain in the country. With a lot of hard work and a little more rain, the crops will germinate and start sprouting any day now.

My TIP today is about how best to “sprout” a useful conversation in MI. It all begins with engaging.