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INTRO COVER LETTER: Greetings To All Ye MI Folk – from beautiful Ottawa, Ontario!

Today I’m in Ottawa, Ontario, where I’m rolling out our newest intermediate/ advanced workshops in four different cities all across this beautiful province.  I LOVE Ontario in the fall.  The colours here are spectacular and when set against a sunny blue sky, there’s an energy everywhere that evokes something altogether spiritual and peaceful in me.  I am so fortunate to do the kind of work that I do – partly because of the travel that allows me to experience so much of this awe-inspiring piece of our little planet.

It’s interesting that I find myself in Ottawa on a day when I’m circulating my TIP about “Brutal Honesty” in MI work! Some of the more cynical amongst us may not necessarily correlate the home of Canada’s parliament with “honesty” – but I’m glad to say that “brutal honesty” is not typically part of the Canadian way.  Such is not the case in every country. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve had your TV tuned to the news on CNN, or NBC, or FOX.  From watching all of the “goings on” these days, I am even more convinced that only very rarely should ‘brutality’ and ‘honesty’ be connected in the same sentence.  In MI work, we transform the messages that are sometimes intended in statements of brutal honesty. Instead, we find ways to be helpfully honest and to promote hopeful honesty in ways that lift people up rather than tear them down.

READ HERE: ‘Brutal Honesty‘ [Paul Burke’s M.I. TIP of the Week #1725]