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INTRO COVER LETTER:  Greetings MI’ers – from Calgary, Alberta where I’m doing an advanced group with a homelessness agency.

You probably know that I spend a lot of time on airplanes. It’s a good thing I like flying – and that I like “people watching” because that’s often all there is to do in airports and on planes. Today, I was wonderfully entertained by a little boy of about 4, whose name was Trey. He sat in the row behind me, with his Mom. Trey was in a very big hurry to meet his Dad at the Calgary airport after Dad had been away from his wife and son for several months while on duty overseas. Even though we were travelling at over 500 miles an hour, this little guy just couldn’t get there quick enough. His Mom was trying desperately to read him a story to distract his constant insistence that the trip was taking far too long!

Trey: When are we going to get there, Mom?”
Mom: Very soon, honey. Just as soon as we get to the end of this book.
Trey: How fast are we flying, Mom? Why can’t we go faster?
Mom: I think we’re going as fast as we can, honey.
Trey: It doesn’t feel fast. It feels slow. It feels like we’re not even moving. We are crawling.
Mom: Let me read you this part where the dragon discovers he can breathe fire.
Trey: Do you think Dad will bring me a present?
Mom: Honey, you’re not listening! Every time the dragon burps, fire comes out!
Trey: If we could time-travel, we could just push a button and we’d be there by now.
Mom: … see this picture of the fire shooting out of his nose? Isn’t that funny?
Trey: What if Dad gets there early and he has to wait for us. He’ll be so bored.
Mom: Would you like me to ask the flight attendant if she has colouring pages and crayons?
Trey: I’m nervous to see Dad. What if he has a beard. Just to surprise us?
Mom: Would you like to watch ‘Spiderman’? I have it on the iPad you know.
Trey: How much longer is it going to take to get over these stupid mountains, Mom?
Mom: We’ll get there quicker if you just let me finish this story with you.
Trey: Mom, do you think a real dragon could fly faster than this dumb plane?

And on … and on … and on it went – for our whole flight of one full hour and 13 minutes! If Mom could have taken some time to slow down and listen to Trey’s hurry, and reflect it, I bet they could have gotten to those pictures of the fire-breathing dragon in no time! This week’s TIP is about the “Tyranny of Time”

READ HERE: ‘Tyranny of Time‘ [Paul Burke’s M.I. TIP of the Week #1723]